ERNIE Bot burst onto the scene | Can write code, love letters, introductions, copywriting…It does everything!

What industries will be displaced by artificial intelligence?

Not necessarily the development direction of children’s futures. Because we can learn about technology in a limited amount of time, and cannot exhaustively master it entirely, what does AI replace that humans cannot do well?


Recently, a conversational large-scale language model developed by the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory ERNIE Bot has caused widespread controversy on various media platforms across China and abroad.Within just four days of its launch, it surpassed one million users worldwide, causing servers to overflow at times due to overwhelming registrations.

Following in the footsteps of AI painting, ERNIE Bot became another powerhouse for traffic acquisition, attracting enthusiasts’ endless “creative reinventions.” With such strong capabilities, even XingFeng Plastic Technology conceded that we  are not far from an ” incredibly powerful artificial intelligence”.


Scene One

If you want to introduce Xingfeng Plastics printing pallet series , but don’t know how to write a copywriting?


As follows:

The printing pallet series is specially developed for the characteristics of the printing industry.   It features a special plastic pallets customized to meet its needs, using high-quality recycled and toughened material with recyclable recycling properties. These pallets inherit many excellent attributes such as beautiful appearance, no frogs or larvae, smooth edges without burrs, nonhydrogenated materials that are resistant to moulding, strong durability, etc., making them gradually replace wood plates as an ideal carrier for transporting printed paper in various stages of production.

They can be used during transport, holding, moving, transferring, stopping on press, and other processes related to printmaking operations.
Printing pallet series by structure include: slotted pallets, flat pallets, meshed pallets. Slotted pallets primarily function at not interrupting presses for continuous papers swaps while providing storage space for circulating prints; flat pallets and meshed pallets mainly serve as carriers, moveable palletizers, and transports when sheets need to be transferred between locations.Some preinstalled chipping pallets feature embedded steel tubes and diagonal bracing structures designed to fulfill requirements for automatic logistics equipment, vertical warehouse use, where RFID chips may also be inserted into enable smart barcode scanning, sensing, matching, suitable for modernized intelligent printing factory applications.


Scene Two

Help me paint a famous plastic pallet!

 Wonderful, it perfectly paints a beautiful green plastic pallet!

Back to the original question

What is it that AI cannot replace?

It is the child’s creativity, imagination, emotional power.

Because people will always be smarter than artificial intelligence.

One last scary news: Is it possible that ERNIE Bot also generated this post?



Post time: Mar-23-2023