How to choose high-quality plastic pallets?

Please do not blindly choose plastic pallets. First of all, the plastic pallet we need to understand is nothing more than a board for padding. So why do we choose plastic pallets? First of all, we need to understand what material the plastic pallets are made of, what structures does it have, how many types, and what are the benefits?

There are many kinds of plastic pallets, which are called differently in each region. In some regions, they are called plastic pallets, plastic pallets, injection molding pallets, plastic pallets, pallets, shelf boards and so on. The raw materials of plastic pallets are made of PE and PP, that is, thermoplastics such as polyethylene HDPE, polypropylene PP plastic, and some additives to improve performance, processed by injection molding, blow molding and other processes.

How to choose high-quality plastic pallets?

With the change of the times, the requirements for production conditions, storage conditions, process control and quality management have been continuously improved. Widely used in warehousing, logistics, supermarkets, cargo handling and other industries. The plastic pallet has good integrity, is hygienic and clean, and is easy to wash and disinfect. It has the characteristics of light weight, no spikes, acid and alkali resistance, and no mildew in use. Its service life is 5-7 times that of wooden pallets. In addition, the plastic pallets meet environmental protection requirements, and waste pallet materials can be recycled. Although the price of plastic pallets is relatively high, the cost of use is lower than that of wooden pallets.

There are many product sizes, common sizes are: 1200*1000, 1100*1100, 1200*1200, 1200*1100, 1300*1100, 1200*800, 1400*1100, 1400*1200, 1400*1400, 1500*1500, etc. .

When choosing plastic pallets, there are currently only two categories according to the shape:

One is the single-sided type, the single-sided plastic pallet can only be used on one side;

The second is the double-sided type and can be used on both sides;

The choice of single-sided plastic pallets or double-sided plastic pallets should be determined according to the corresponding storage, loading and unloading handling equipment and status (such as warehouse type, shelf type, stacking or placement status, etc.).

1. Then the single-sided type is divided into: 1. Single-sided use type; 2. Flat nine-foot type; 3. Grid nine-foot type; 4. Flat field type; 5. Grid field type; 6. Grid double-sided. 7. Flat Chuan font; 8. Grid Chuan font plastic pallet.

Second, the double-sided type is divided into: flat double-sided type; grid double-sided type.

According to the purpose of use, there are 3 types: 1. Shelf type; 2. Standard type; 3. Light plastic pallet.

There are two types according to the process:

1. Injection molding pallet: The injection molding type is the largest variety of plastic pallets produced in China. China has introduced foreign equipment to produce injection molding technology since the 1980s, but the market has not been opened due to various factors such as cost. It has created conditions for the expanded production of general-purpose industrial plastic pallets.

2. Blow molding pallet: Affected by the cost and process conditions, there are very few manufacturers in China that use the blow molding process to produce plastic pallets. Made of high molecular weight high density poly (HWMHDPE), both mechanical and manual forklifts can be used, and the double-sided pallet can be used on both sides, extending the service life. Due to the high cost of plastic raw materials selected for this high-strength blow molding pallet, the technical difficulty of the processing process is very high, and the service life of the product is particularly long, which can reach 5 to 10 years. Of course, the price will be higher for one purchase, but the comprehensive cost of use is indeed lower. When high-strength use is required, this high-strength blow-molded pallet can be selected.

According to the use environment, it is divided into: 1. Ground turnover type, and the ground called activity; 2. Stacking type (stacking type); 3. Light; 4. Heavy; 5. Disposable plastic pallets.

To understand the definition of dynamic load and static load: dynamic load refers to the maximum weight that the pallet can carry during movement when a motorized forklift or manual hydraulic pallet truck is used (with a curvature of less than 1.5% is normal). Static load refers to the maximum weight that the bottom plastic pallet can bear in stacking. In addition: the shelf load refers to the maximum weight that the plastic pallet with loaded goods can bear when it is placed on the shelf (the bending degree is within 1% is normal). Generally, the standard series pallets can bear 0.4T~0.6T when the shelf is loaded, and the heavy-duty series pallets can bear 0.7T~1T.

The use methods of plastic pallets include: ground turnover, shelf use, stacking use, etc. Different usage methods require the selection of suitable plastic pallet styles. If it is ground turnover, not on the shelf, not stacking, the first choice: nine feet, Sichuan, Tian, ​​if it is on the shelf, the first choice: Sichuan (optional steel pipe), if it is stacking, the first choice: Double-sided plastic pallet.

With the gradual upgrading of products with the progress of the times, the requirements for packaging and transportation are also getting higher and higher. The procurement of plastic pallets and the use of internal packaging materials and transportation requirements have been inseparable in many fields. In short, although plastic pallets are in the entire market and It accounts for a large proportion of the use, but the use of plastic pallets is indeed an indispensable part of the entire market. The problem to pay attention to is to choose appropriate materials and characteristics according to the specific characteristics of the goods. fulfil requirements.

Post time: Apr-28-2022